Price and Shipping


The price for The Upsi-Daisy Cow Lifter ™ is USD $450.00 plus shipping costs.


     In order to keep costs to a minimum and prevent unnecessary handling Upsi-Daisy Cow Lifters™ are sent to destinations around the world from our two central store houses located in

1) Wheatridge, Colorado, USA and   2) Jamberoo, NSW Australia.

  •  Shipment is via The international Postal Service.
  • Shipments are sent from Australia and delivery takes 10 – 12 working days.
  • When the lifter has been sent a Parcel Tracking number will be sent to you.
  • Only within the USA is an “Overnight Express” service available and costs approximately $325.00 and takes 1 – 2 days delivery depending on your distance from a major airport. These lifters are sent from the Wheat Ridge, Colorado warehouse.

Shipment to Canada and Mexico

    Shipping costs vary as to particular locations but costs are approximately USD $110.00 with delivery taking from  10 – 20 days for delivery. (More exact delivery times and costs can be verified at the time of order)

Shipment to:   Europe, Asia, Africa,          South America, Russia

Shipping Costs are USD $110.00 with delivery taking from 10 – 15 days.


  • All shipping costs are subject to change and can be verified at the time of Purchase.
  • A tracking number will be emailed to you once the lifter has been sent so, you, the purchaser, can track its progress.