Hi, I just wanted to let you know that this is the best cow lift I have ever used. My experience with downer cows ever recuperating after down for even one or two days has not been good. I’ve been raising beef cattle for nearly 50 years and this piece of equipment has impressed me. I’ve used slings and hip raisers with minimum success. They always remain limp with extensive help. The cow I bought this for was down for 5 days and stayed limp every time I tried to raise her with other lifts. The first day I used yours, she was limp for about 5-10 minutes and then stood on her feet. She is doing better each day with a good appetite. Still lifting her in the mid morning but she is moving about fine. I am certainly glad I purchased and will gladly recommend to any cattle owner.

Thanks again for your product.

Dwight T. Sloan

Winking Light Angus Stud


Alpine via Mittagong,

NSW  2575

The ease with which the affected cow was raised to mobility was quite extraordinary and the results were immediately apparent.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Upsi-Daisy Lifter to all persons connected with the cattle industry and I compliment both Larry and Penny upon an innovative and practical invention.

I wish them well.

Terrence M. Healey

Robert J Klostermann DVM

The Upsi daisy Cow Lift is the most humane and functional method for lifting and moving down cows that I have seen. It functions in the varied settings that down cattle can find themselves.

There are no sharp edges that increase the tendency to injure the cow even more. It is easily and quickly applied in even the worst conditions. The cows are much calmer while being handled. Consequently the only limiting factor is getting a tractor or skid loader with a bucket to the location.

Initially the cow should be removed from its impossible position and placed on a functional non-slip  surface. In this environment it can be quickly established if the cow is functional, obviously dysfunctional or if a veterinary exam is required to establish a diagnosis. The veterinary exam can then establish the need to humanely euthanize or treat and attempt rehabilitation.

If rehabilitation is required, the follow up care is easily started. Slowly lowering a dorsal recumbent cow in the Upsi-Daisy Lifter allows the cow to maintain  balance as the animal corrects hoof placing deficits. If damage is not too progressed, it is possible for the caretaker to manipulate the leg/legs through “range of motion”  exercises. This allows for circulation, muscle, tendon and nerve function to return.

The “lifting chair” also allows for nursing calves and milking out as required.

This is no doubt a great advancement in the humane handling, correct evaluation, euthanasia or treatment if needed of distressed downer cows.

Robert J Klostermann DVM

Waunakee, Wisconsin USA

14 Dec 2014


We bought a Upsi-Daisy Cow Lifter, it was delivered last Sunday.  This morning we had a cow down in our freestall barn, wouldn’t get up after sanding around her, wouldn’t get up and stand with our hip lift.  We used the Upsi-Daisy Cow Lifter, easily carried her from freestall to bedded pack where she is now up and about.  Works exactly as shown in video…great product!   

Frank, Ivy & Eddy

Haasen Farms Limited

1620 Government Rd N

Timmins Ontario Canada, P4R 0G5

4 April, 2020

Frank Hassen                 

Was on your website yesterday and noticed there was a letter from us praising your product from back in 2014.

We don’t use the Upsi-Daisy often but every time we do it more than pays for itself!

Went to the barn this morning and a cow had got her rear leg caught up in the penning around a computer grain feeder.  We dismantled the penning and freed the cow but she had no interest in getting up. Put her in the Upsi-Daisy moved her to the pack (a distance of about 200 feet) supported her for half an hour and then she was standing on her own.  She should be fine and with much less stress than if we had used any other approach!

Great product!

Frank, Ivy and Eddy

Hello Larry, 

I just wanted to say that unfortunately we had a down cow after calving yesterday, our previous lifting straps never seemed all that successful so it was with some trepidation we tried the upsi-daisy for the first time. It was unbelievably easy to set up and get her standing without hurting her or pulling her about. Within 10 minutes she could support her own weight and after an hour we took it off and she stayed up!

It might be beginners luck but I still can’t believe how unstressful the job was, it was worth every penny so thank you! I’d never seen one on a UK farm but I’m gonna be telling everyone about it. Thanks again!

Abigail and Andrew Rees

Stephen Brailsford

27 October, 2019

Hi  Larry,

Just a quick note of thanks,  and to let you know the success we had using the lifter.

It’s been 40 days since the cow went down from the paralysis, but she can now stand and walk unassisted, and hopefully will be able to lift herself within the next few days.  She wouldn’t have made it without your lifter. Thanks again!  The lifter also allowed us to do physio by walking her around the paddock.

Thanks Again,


7 Feb, 2020


Just wanted to say thank you, thank you again. Just had to use our upsi-daisy lifter for the first time. So much easier than anything else we’ve used before. Every cattle rancher big or small should have one of these!

Susan Mathews

CP Ranch, LLC

Maureen and Graham

Thank You,

Cow lifter excellent.

We got cow up

in 3 days.

Maureen & Graham

Dr Andrejs Medenis

 Gerringong Veterinary Surgeon

     I have never been comfortable with the use of hip-lifters as the full force and weight of the cow is centred on the wings of the hips and post-mortem feedback indicates that a lot of bruising and damage occurs.  The few times that I have seen the Upsi-Daisy in action shows the weight of the cow is spread over a wide area, front and back, and the patient is resting in it rather than dangling from it and with practice the Upsi-Daisy can be readily placed under the downer cow.

                                                ………. We find the equipment just so sensible compared to the rather primitive canvas harnessing otherwise available.                                                                     The cow by the way has started to walk a little and of course has turned into the biggest sook imaginable!

                   Best Regards,

                   Edwina Powell

                   RD 1114 Scottsdale   7261

From: Hill, Michael


Subject: Happy with the product

Back in May of this year, I purchased your Beef model lifter and have found it to be very a useful veterinary tool on the farm. Having used other models, it is a much more supportive model. It’s quick to apply and the cows seem comfortable with it. All in all we are happy we researched, spoke to you, and received prompt service.

Once again, thank you,…………Mick Hill. Wangaratta 3677

 …..The Lifter has worked very well  already for us.

Mike Bloe


Dear Penny,

            Many thanks for your prompt freight of Upsi-Daisy.

            Looks like a win here.. our cow is now standing with help to get her up.

            Thank you again.  We can thoroughly recommend the Upsi-Daisy Cow Lifter.

                                    Yours faithfully,

                                    Glen Wilson

22 February, 2018

If you need another testimonial for your lifter, please feel free to use this one:

On February 6, 2018, we had a cow who was trampled in the chute.  She was having difficulty breathing and we thought we were going to have to put her down (the one behind her was also trampled and he did not make it).  She’s the leader of the herd so I knew she had some ‘gumption’ in her and would fight to get up.  After about 30 minutes, she stood on her own.  She also has a 1-1/2 month old calf so I thought that might help her want to get up.  I went to get her some sweet feed and some electrolytes and by the time I got back (about 5 minutes later), the bull had put her down.  Her back legs were splayed out behind her and she could not get back up after that.  We let her rest for a day and when she failed to get up by the 8th, we began trying to rig tow straps to connect to the bobcat to lift her to a standing position.  We had been told if she was not up after three days, it was more than likely time to euthanize her.  We got her standing and she stood for about 15 minutes before she wandered to the tree line and laid down in the woods.  By the next morning, she had worked her hips into a hollow at the base of a tree and absolutely could not get up.  She was so tired.  She worked her way into the creek before I could get a canvas down to her to roll her on and pull her out.  We finally got her out of the creek (had to drag her out) and got her back into an enclosure.  On Sunday the 11th, my boss made her a lifter using a conveyor belt and military webbing but that ended up rubbing her fur off under her back legs.  We were trying to find a way to distribute the weight and basically create a sling.  We lifted her on Monday using this sling but I think when the blood flow started really flowing in her legs, they started to tingle and she thought something was after her.  She tried to bolt and stumbled and was down again (sigh).  By now, we were on day 7 of her being down with only two short episodes of standing.  She was still eating and drinking so we knew she had not given up.  My boss started watching YouTube videos on how to lift a cow and found your product.  Let me say, this was the best thing he could have found.  We received it on Saturday the 17th of February.  That afternoon, we connected the lifter and after a little trial and error, we got her standing.  We dropped the cradle just enough that she was supporting her weight but if she needed to, she would have the support.  Her muscles stopped quivering after about 15 minutes.  She ate and drank while in the cradle and you could see her confidence was building.  After about an hour, we removed the cradle and shoulder harness and she stood on her own for a while longer.  The next morning, I lifted her again and she stood for about an hour and 15 minutes before I removed the cradle.  She remained standing on her own.  That afternoon, it rained so we could not get down in the pasture to get her up again.  When we went down the next morning, she was standing on her own.  She remained standing for the remainder of the day (the 19th). 

On the morning of the 20th, she was laying down when I went to the pasture so I went back up to get the lifter and by the time I got back down, she was already up.  I put a halter on her and walked her around the pasture for a couple of hours.  Mind you, she is not halter broken so she fought the whole time which was good for strengthening her legs and pulling my shoulders out of socket.  She remained out of her enclosure for the evening and was in the woods this morning when I went to check on her.  I was concerned as she was down about a 30 degree incline near a creek with high walls (more of a small gulley).  I went back an hour later and she had moved.  She had climbed 2 hills and walked down two others and crossed two creeks to get where I found her.  I FIRMLY believe that were it not for your product and the capability of easily lifting her without causing her any discomfort or pinching, pulling, binding, cutting into, etc., she would not be here right now.  She was down for 14 days.  Everyone, including the vets we spoke to, said she should be dead.  She was a fighter and your product was exactly what she needed.  I am sorry for the lengthy story but I want you to truly understand what this cow went through.  It was not just a simple “downed cow”  I have attached a picture I took of her yesterday.  I call it “Drinking in the Sunshine”.  Thank you again for such a wonderful product!!
Kindest regards,

Stacey Manning