About Upsi-Daisy Cow Lifters

The Upsi-Daisy lifter comprises of two key parts that must be used together.

The first part is a chest harness with straps that are fitted in front and behind the shoulders, and the second part is an L-shaped tubular steel cradle that is fitted underneath the rear of the cow, with room for the udder to fit comfortably in between the cradles bars.

The rigid chair-like cradle supports the cow and allows it to rest its hindquarters and shift its weight while regaining balance and confidence.

The unique ergonomic design of the Upsi-Daisy lifter means the cows weight is distributed evenly, which means it remains comfortable at all times, and also safe from the possibility of bruising, chafing and internal damage.

Upsi-Daisy lifter sets include shackle and strap accessories, metal strap puller, instructional video, comprehensive user guide and a durable carry bag.

Cows come in various sizes, and so too, does the Upsi-Daisy Cow Lifter.

Small: Suitable for beef and jersey cows

Medium: Suitable for dairy x beef breeds and dairy beef heifers 

Large: Suitable for dairy cows